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WW1 Through Arab Eyes

I have edited an directed a 3x48min films to commemorate WW1’s centenary on Al Jazeera Network.

I was asked back in January 2014 to be part of a big budget production for Al Jazeera Network that commemorates the role of Arabs in WW1 and is not very well known or discussed in media much.

I was very intrigued, yet anxious to undertake such a task especially that the footage was filmed in over 15 cities with a crew I did not know and a director who was onboard before myself. I got the call then from a lovely Al Jazeera producer who told me I was highly recommended for the job and asked me if I would like to embark on such a journey of editing and directing the full series in post until broadcast.

The films air on the 14th November 2014 which is the date the Ottoman Empire enters the war a 100 years earlier.

The rest is history

  1. peter davis says: December 3, 201410:19 am

    is it possible to get a dvd of your excellent 3 part series on al jazera? we saw only part of whilst abroad.

  2. khaled A. says: December 4, 20146:02 pm

    Those are not allowed to play in the United States. Do you have Amy other link or can you email them to me. Looks like a great documentary!

  3. David Lowry says: December 14, 20141:04 pm

    I live in Virginia; When I attempted to view the series via the link you provided the message “The load has not made this video available in your country” Can I please have an explanation for this message and refusal to allow viewing

    • admin says: January 8, 20151:06 pm

      will try and find you a link that opens in the states ! thank you again for your interest

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