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Here is a project pretty close to my heart. My close friend Claire contacted me back in 2014 and asked me if I would like to help her make a film to normalise breastfeeding attitudes, talk more about the science and create a portal for mothers who can breastfeed to use. Knowing Claire I knew she was unto something big , so I accepted the challenge and we took it onboard as our lovely baby project along with her amazing team of TinyHumans.

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Working with 360 Films

There is always a first time. I am happy to announce that I can confidently work with 360 videos and set you up from A to Z.

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Bassel is a great syrian friend of mine. Bassel happened to be a computer geek and a bit of a curious and a smart computer developper, which unfortunately is not safe when:

*you live in a country like Syria
*you are palestinian
*you happen to set up a hackerspace in damascus during the Arab Spring uprising.

I met Bassel in Beirut during my frequent travels to the region and I was pretty shaken when I knew he was arrested in the Mazzeh District on the 15th March 2012.

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Emir Cup 2016

I edited on Premiere CC those three TVCs for Emir Cup 2016, a commission for the Edge Picture Company.

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A small cute prizes film for vodafone Qatar made at the Edge Picture Company.

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Syria Rebellious Women

I had the honour to craft those 5 short films with the courageous syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim.

I hope we did them justice and got their voices heard.

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corporate by The Edge Picture Company

I had the utmost honour to work with the best team at The Edge Picture Company and weave a beautiful inauguration film for Qatagas JBOG project.

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I have edited an directed a 3x48min films to commemorate WW1’s centenary on Al Jazeera Network.

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I found this clip online, it explains exactly what i tell people when they ask me what I do for living but above all for passion !

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I  helped this lovely French Boyband ‘Destan’ to film their upcoming new song ‘Sans Toi’ in London.

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