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My latest Profile:

I have worked for the last 20 years as a TV & Film Editor for commissioned & independent projects.

I started producing & directing 6 years ago and found that my knowledge of 3 languages (arabic , french and english) made me hit a niche market very rarely found in production people in London.


The latest I was proud to direct and edit was a 3 part series of one hour documentaries on WW1 through Arab Eyes for Al Jazeera International network .

I have been busy in the last 5 years working with some of the best production companies in London and running my own enterprise ‘tarmak.co’ along with my partner Eric .

Together we have managed to work on big corporates and I produced and edited some of the best short corporates for companies like ‘The Edge Picture Company’, Mentorn, PBS and others for clients like Roche, Shell, Abu Dhabi Government and some of Tarmak Media‘s long standing clients like the World Bank , UNDP, UNHCR, Victoria and Albert museum and many other cultural outlets out there.

In 2011 I worked on documentaries for NGOs and British TVs (BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 and ITV) as a producer and self shooting AP for prime time investigative pieces on the ‘Arab Spring’ (Panorama BBC1 , Jazeera Witness, ITV, PBS USA , Arte France & Germany etc…)

I have plenty of knowledge in the field of marketing and social media presence for all kinds of entrepreneurial presence online.

I am very technical, i breath creativity, am easy going and I have a strong ability to solve problems on the spot, all besides my main passion which is “TO TELL STORIES”.

Interview with the FCO : ‘I want my films to bridge East and West’

Interview in Dailystar Lebanon : Film tells the story of the children of 1982

About me in more detail (my background)…

In December 93 at the age of 19 I edited my first 3min short film on an old Sony U-matic SP3. I was always in love with performing arts and film. Shortly afterwards I experienced the old school of editing cutting super 8 mm film which I found extremely rewarding.

My father was a visual man, a great cartoonist, who taught me to appreciate art and love the film world.

I wanted to become an editor, and was very stubborn to move up the ladder and work hard on getting to learn every trick in the book. Through my studies and later work for an advertising agency I moved from U-matic to Beta, and from super 8mm to 35mm and 16mm. I still remember my first ever computer which was a commodore 64 back in 1982. I happened to witness the whole birth and evolution of computers well before working on my first editing software which was to be an Avid Media Composer.

After graduating in 97 I started editing professionally for a local TV station on a media 100 before switching to avid. Towards the end of 1998, I decided to pursue a career in Film in the UK where I undertook an MA course, during which I got into Lightworks and its funny shark.

In Oct 1999, I had the honour to meet my favourite editor, Thelma Schoonmaker Powell who visited my old University to inaugurate the Department in memory of her husband: Michael Powell (the director of Canterbury Tales and The Red Shoes). I was asked to edit the presentation Mrs Schoonmaker Powell was to deliver in our college. I cut together a montage of Powell’s direct influence on scorsese’s movies. It was a lifetime experience to meet a 2-times oscar winning editor, sit with her on an edit station and talk about editing. She is just a great editor and a great inspiration to my work.




Since then, I have developed on-line and off-line skills on Avid Xpress, Adrenaline, Symphony and Nitris. I also edit on Final Cut Pro which I have used more recently on the 13 episodes x 60 min “Investor” show for MBC Group Dubai. I also edited a $1.5 million feature film “Bosta” which got released worldwide in March 2006, but this time on Avid Xpress mojo, with conform on AutoDesk Smoke.